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In-Depth Tax Planner

Print our in-depth Tax Planner to help you get the most out of our credits and deductions! As always, we’re here to HELP! Call us at (212) 300-5776 if you haven’t yet filed your taxes, and we will help you fill this out.     VIEW THE TWO-PAGE PRINTABLE PLANNER: Empire Tax Planner: Page One […]

Top 50 Books For Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Anyone Who Loves Success!

Hi everyone!, It’s really incredible what a healthy dose of inspiration can do for your business, your wellness, and your life. Being a financial service provider here in New York City, I regularly see people struggling – they’re often competing with, and even comparing themselves to, how other entrepreneurs think, act and perform. I came […]

Top 5 Tax Tips For Individuals

It’s tax return time, friends! Stress less with this quick list to help you get organized for easy and fast tax preparation:     1. Get Organized With A Checklist It’s important to know which documents, receipts, information, and forms you need before you get started. A successful tax return experience is often one that’s […]

Payroll Papers NYC

Payroll 101: Services & Plans For Business Needing To Outsource

Even the most experienced personnel realize that managing payroll is a headache. When a tax filing omission is committed or a law is broken a company may face a severe penalty. Put simply, a dysfunctional payroll system can cause a business to collapse financially. Some businesses prefer to have their payroll in-house as they feel […]