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Accounting for Bloggers, Creatives & Photographers

You are a specialist in your field. Your expertise in creating enticing, marketable content has lead you to the point where people pay you to do it, all the while your business accounting looms. Why bridle your creative spirit with thoughts of financial burdens when you can have Empire Tax take care of it for you?


We will:

  • Let you know whether the IRS considers your blog a leisure activity or a business.
  • Help you secure the intricate details of assessed charges that working as an independent can impose.
  • Assist you with enlisting and paying representatives.
  • Aid you in ensuring you’re being inclusive of all expenses – it’s not only espresso at blogger meet-ups, space enrollment charges, and web facilitating administrations.
  • Preventing you from accumulating superfluous costs on your next blog giveaway or challenge.
  • Let you know the fine print and really help you find every penny possible in your next expense return.


Let us take care of the numbers while you take care of the words. Just fill the form below and we’ll help you get started!

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