How would it feel to gain hours of your time back every month?

Whether you’re running the business solo or you have a small business, we take the daunting task of bookkeeping off your plate.

Your Trusted Bookkeepers (outsourced) From NYC to LA

Our bookkeeping services manages your bookkeeping from A-Z. We serve as your back office so that you never have to wonder about your profitability ever again.

You will be working with a dedicated bookkeeper so that you can always stay in the loop with your finances. Our corporate offices are based in Queens, New York. We are the one stop solution for CFO services, bookkeeping outsourcing, business tax planning and much more.

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

Simple Reporting

You will receive a profit and loss report and balance sheet, which are the most overlooked reports in a small business, but one of the most telling reports that you must have! If you are running a business, it’s crucial to know where your money is going and if you are profitable.

Yearly Tax Monitoring

We will provide you with complete yearly tax reports with each cost explained so that you are always aware of the growth of your business.

Best for a Small Business

Often times small businesses hire accountants, bookkeepers & tax attorneys and it drives their overhead costs through the roof! With our packages, we offer all of that and more in one convenient monthly fee. This means you can save more of your money and time, because you are only dealing with 1 expert company versus 5 companies.

When you simplify your bookkeeping, you allow your business to grow.


Don’t pay an entry level person to handle your finances, let professionals step in and help you sleep easier.

Low Overhead

We understand the cost of running a business gets expensive. For that reason, we pride ourselves in providing excellent quality work for fair and affordable rates, so that you can focus on growing other aspects of your business.

Take Back Your Time

As a CEO, you have many other revenue generating activities you could be doing. So put down the calculator and pencil, and get back to working on increasing your revenue.

How It Works

To start, schedule your free consultation with our specialists. During this call we will discuss solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

We will walk you through our quick onboarding so that we can easily track revenue, monitor your expenses, view invoices and financials all through your portal.

Enjoy gaining back your time while your business finances are being maintained and tracked by your dedicated expert bookkeeper.