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Tel: (212) 300-5776 | Toll Free: 800-691-9214


For individual and business based tax preparations, bookkeeping and accounting services, the company in quest ought to have a thorough investigation before handling the contract. At Empire Tax Professionals Huntington-Ny, we are committed to making sure your request is what we deliver.


At Empire Tax Professionals, we have versatile ideas to enhance the swift deals of your businesses; our services are grouped into two different categories viz are:
Business tax preparations
We are professionals in preparing business tax for small or large scale business; our years of experience accounts for our professionalism in this field.
Personal tax preparations
Apart from preparing business taxes, we are also available in preparing personal tax bills for any individual who is interested in getting a professional tax record done on his behalf.
Tax extension
This our service extends to all those who are unable in filing their tax return on the due date, the process of achieving this might seems difficult for individuals, Empire tax Professionals are always available to sort this out professionally.
Sales tax
We also run services of a sale tax for business owners who, after a transaction or import of goods, don’t know how to compute their sales tax details. We are available to ease the stress of that from you.
The second service we render is accounting services. In the accounting services, we offer the following:
Virtual CFO
Getting a good and reliable virtual CFO is almost a job itself, to know if we are competent, we do suggest we you inquire more from our satisfied customers. Employing the service of a high skill professional to assist in your organizations’ financial requirements is very paramount and as such one shouldn’t settle for less as it has to do with finance, which is a very critical aspect to the growth of any business.
You can contact us for a clean and well detailed financial record of your business. Bookkeeping transactions include sales, receipts, purchases and payments by an organization/corporation or a person. If any of these transactions is miscalculated, it sure will affect the records of the finances of the organization and company, which a lot of companies wouldn’t want to witness. To prevent such from happening, professionals like we are needed to keep a tab on every transaction of your business.
Payroll is the list of employees of any company that are entitled to receive pay and the amounts that each should receive. At Empire Tax Professionals, we prepare payroll lists for any company irrespective of the number of staff.
Entity Formation
This is the last service we offer under accounting. In this, we are ready to partner with clients’ businesses to see it attain its height.
The above-listed services are all we offer at Empire Tax Professionals Huntington-NY, with over 60 years of experience, we sure have tested the good and the bad days, and what now makes us a professional is knowing when to avoid the bad days every day and see that our clients are always satisfied with our services.
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