CHOOSE your individual tax return.

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Basic filing with multiple jobs


Up To 3 W2’s

Up To 3 Interest Statements

Standard Deduction

One State Return

Education Credits

Student loan Interest form

Unlimited Tax consultation*

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Single or joint filing.


Multiple W-2s / 1099

Multiple Brokerage Statements

Itemized Deductions

One State Return

Education forms included

Children and other Family Credits

Student loan interest

Unlimited Tax Consultation*

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For independent contractors, property owners, investors, etc.

Multiple W-2s / 1099

Multiple Statements included

Itemized Deductions

Multi-State Return

Self-employed Return

Rental property Return

Unlimited Tax Consultation*

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Have more complex individual tax preparation needs? Let us create a custom plan to fit your needs. Call us.

Sale of Residence

Sale of Business

Anything that is not listed in the 3 option


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Learn more about our Tax Return Services


We’ll get the most for you.

With over 20 years of experience, Empire Tax Pros go through over 350 tax deductions to ensure you get everything you’re entitled to. We’ll help you find money where big box companies may neglect to look.


Combined with our Triple Check Guarantee,

our calculations are 100% Accurate. If they’re not, we handle it, completely FREE of charge.



We triple-check your tax return

Our accounting staff is obsessed with individual attention. This means we thoroughly hand-review your return THREE times prior to filing, to ensure your information is complete, accurate, and ready to roll.

* Internet or telephone access is required to use this Service. Service levels and availability will vary based on demand and capacity and are subject to change without notice. To ensure a good experience and appropriate levels of coverage for everyone using the Service, the tax expert may terminate the communication at his/her sole discretion after 20 minutes, or if it is otherwise determined that you are misusing or unnecessarily extending the duration of the communication. State tax advice may be discontinued in any state at any time.