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How Your LIC Taxes Are Affected By Charitable Donations

Taxes are complicated, and can often be confusing – knowing the kinds of items that are tax-deductible or tax-exempt is to your advantage because it can be otherwise quite puzzling.  There are some items that are understandable and straightforward, like bagels. Uncut bagels are tax exempt; altered, or sliced bagels have an added 8-cent tax on them because they are considered a prepared food for consumption on the premises.  Charitable donations, on the other hand, are not so clear.

Donation Restrictions:

Although nothing should really prevent you from issuing a charitable donation, it’s advantageous to know that there are restrictions on charitable donation deductions on your taxes such as:

  • There are restrictions on donating vehicles, as only the veritable price can be deducted from the charity.
  • Donations cannot be deducted if a gift was received as compensation for the donation.
  • Restrictions are applicable when the donation comprises a significant amount of your income.  If your contribution is greater than 50 percent of your AGI, for example, a portion is carried over to the ensuing year.  

It’s not only important to understand the ins and outs of restrictions, but it’s also important to hire a trusted accounting firm to make sure your donations have been properly registered. Contact as today for Tax Preparation & Accounting services in NYC.