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Online Store & Businesses


There is nothing quite like the appeal of running an online enterprise and breaking away from the generic 9-5 lifestyle. You have the drive and passion, and you’ll let nothing stop you. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to stop and consider the many other factors based on the needs of your business. Empire Tax is always there to provide the expertise and support you need to dominate in a digital world.



  • Choosing the entity that will protect your interests, assets, and growth.
  • Sales order, invoices and sales receipts and how they affect your business.
  • Expense management and preparation of financial statements.
  • The development and maintenance of an effective bookkeeping system.
  • Payroll support and management for all various employee types.
  • Importation taxes and duties


Your product may be digital, but your taxes are very real and need to be treated with care. Let Empire Tax be your real guide to virtual success, fill in the form below to get started today.
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