Payroll Handled for Your Small Business

We simplify payroll for small businesses. They get paid, you get peace.


Once we have a quick strategy call to evaluate your needs, we’ll send over a written proposal for approval. We’re almost set. You just email us hours on a weekly basis, and we send you pay stubs. Don’t worry about filing payroll returns – with your permission we not only file quarterly, we’ll also handle the payments. Finally, you get confirmation via a secured portal. It’s that easy.


  • We schedule a strategy call with you and evaluate your specific situation. (We ask specific questions to see what they need help with) The call can be between 15 to 45 minutes.
  • We email the client a written proposal
  • Client accepts, and makes the payment
  • Email us the hours weekly and we send you the paystubs.
  • We file the payroll returns quarterly and make the payments for you with your permission.
  • We email you the confirmation and upload it to your secured portal.