Startup Accountant & Tax Preparation

For many entrepreneurs starting their own business, it often becomes clear that managing their company’s finances and taxes can be a full-time business in itself, not to mention the impact a business owner can have on their business, their privacy and their finances. This is where our company can help ease the burden.

If you’ve just begun a new business, or you have plans of starting one, our firm can guide you through the entity selection process, provide you with valuable tax planning advice, and help you optimize your accounting structure. And when your business is growing to the point where you need professional back office support and tax preparation, do not miss out on our team of financial professionals to offer you complete, affordable solutions to focus on growing your business, and not day-to-day financial management.

Our company will also partner with you throughout the year to ensure your new business complies with the latest tax codes, keeps your tax payments on track, and reduces your tax burden as much as possible. We will also ensure that your finances are on the right track and that you take full advantage of the potential tax savings associated with your particular situation.

Let us be your trusted financial advisor – with you every step of the way in changing your personal and business financial needs. Contact our firm today.


At Empire Tax, we offer help and advice to new businesses, including:

  • Business plans
  • Budgets
  • Cash forecasts
  • Bookkeeping account
  • Tax advice on the most economical way to pay you

Moreover, if you choose us as an accountant, we are with you from the beginning, we build real insight into your business we are easy to communicate with regarding any idea you might want to incorporate into the business. Our knowledge and experience will foster the growth of your business.