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The 2017 Tax Season Is Here: A Mental Preparation List

The 2017 Tax Season Is Here: A Mental Preparation List

It’s late January and the holiday spirit is in the air. Everyone’s excited about spending more time with the family and enjoying some quality time off from work. However, in the back of our minds we know that 2017 is just around the corner which means tax season is on the horizon. Taxes are a big concern for all of us so it’s important to get the pertinent facts about the upcoming season. With that said, here is the “Tax Prep” lowdown for 2017:

Extended Deadline:

In recent days the Internal Revenue Service extended the deadline for 2016 tax returns until April, 18th 2017. This is instead of the customary April 15 deadline. That being said, we always advise our clients to file ahead of time and avoid unpleasant surprises. There are many reasons why the IRS may delay a refund payment and filing early is the only way to help you avoid falling victim to a delayed return.

Other Important Facts:

  • Tracking you tax refund is free and easier than ever with the upgraded IRS Refund Tool.
  • Keep copies of your previous tax returns as different filing programs may require you to submit your previous adjusted growth income.
  • Although tax season officially starts on January 23rd 2017, most tax preparation companies will accept your documents prior to then and get your return in the day the IRS opens their systems.
  • Low income families and senior citizens may be eligible for tax preparation discounts, free software and other benefits. Ask your local tax authority for more information or call the IRS directly at (800) 829-1040.

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