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Tel: (212) 300-5776 | Toll Free: 800-691-9214



With the license to help all Americans across the 50 states to achieve the ‘American dream,’ our premium financial services has continued to make waves in all parts of America, and now with a new office at Williamsburg, NY, businesses in Williamsburg can easily access our top of the class financial coverage.

Empire is the premier choice for Tax Preparation and Accounting Services in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, NY. Make a date with us at our new office. Empire Tax Preparation and Accounting Williamsburg 240 Bedford Avenue Williamsburg, NY 11249 (718) 360-9362 Utilize our maximum refund guarantee and hire the accountants that will get your business or individual tax return filed right.

Our immensely valuable services have been the cornerstone of our unending extension throughout America. Now, you can get our valued financial services ranging from taxation, accounting, or bookkeeping in our new Williamsburg, NY office.
The quality of service available in the new office is still the same. Our general bookkeeping services are handled equally by the very best breeds, who will work assiduously to help you keep tabs of all your dealings. In tax preparation, be it personal or business tax, you can always count on us to save you the stress of navigating through the rigors tax numbers. To help you steer clear from the hammer of the IRS, our painstaking sales tax service and fillings is your buddy. We can also assist you through the very seamless procedure to help you pay your team and yourself as well.
The fantastic thing about all these our services is that by utilizing the very novel technology for accounting and bookkeeping, our experts get the job done for you in the most efficient and effective means, giving you more time to focus on other business needs.
Hey, we don’t just offer a one-off service, our doors are always open to provide solutions to your questions. Visit our Williamsburg office today, get your financial solutions met!


Maximum Refunds- Everyone’s Ultimate Goal

We use every accounting method around to ensure that you’ll receive the highest payout possible from the IRS. If you have a deduction or credit that you’re entitled to we will find it, guaranteed.
Empire offers Williamsburg residents a maximum refund guarantee along with impeccable customer service and great pricing. Call us today and learn more.


Think About Other Things

There is no room for error when it comes to calculating your taxes so sit back, relax and enjoy the Empire Tax 100% accuracy guarantee. We can only re-file your last 3 returns and retrieve money owed to you by the IRS.
It is now easier than ever for Williamsburg business to outsource their bookkeeping and get back to work. Call us and learn more now.


The Center Of Attention

When it comes to your taxes and accounting you need to be the center of attention. Our dedicated team will walk you through every single aspect of your return. Whether you file online or in-person we will be by your side.
Empire Payroll Processing & Payroll Tax Compliance Services will your time up and allow you to grow your business without making any sacrifices on the quality of your payroll processing.

Williamsburg Office:

Empire Tax Preparation & Accounting Williamsburg
240 Bedford Ave
Williamsburg, NY 11249
(718) 841-7045


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